Ethereal Environments

A series of surreal 3D landscapes.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Client: China Construction Bank

Date: April 26, 2023

Together with the team of Native instruments, I created a brand identity and campaign to announce their latest Traktor Pro release featuring the Beatport Link integration and Pioneer CDJ-3000s support. In the latest release you get access to a world of music. The campaign focussed on expanding your creative and cultural horizon, breaking through barriers in music.

In interviews with high profile artists and their live sets we show how Traktor Pro opens up their creative space. We created different types of creative which includes a live streaming event featuring 14 artists worldwide, editorial blogs, a landing page, newsletters, how to tutorials and social videos.

Live performances included from Madame Gandhi, Joris Voorn, Krust, Absolute., IVA, Ean Golden, Fabio Florido, BEC, Steve Bug, Joyhauser, Sharam, Joran van Pol, Rebekah and Uffie.


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This artwork was originally published on Behance by 林 溢鑫


Funsies, Typography, 3D Art

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